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Any thoughts on legacy support?


It would be really nice, if we could get IE8-support...


tjscience wrote Nov 24, 2013 at 7:54 PM

Lava uses Object.defineProperty to setup getters and setters for properties. This is what gives us the ability to simply do = value to set and var value = to get. The problem with IE8 is that Object.defineProperty is broken and as such, the method does not work for any object. It only works when the object is in the DOM. You could potentially add the support in Lava by changing the binding logic so that each object that is bound has a backing DOM element to which the defineProperty method is called on. This would be hard to do and quite hackish considering that, for each Lava.Object you would have to have a DOM element to and keep them in sync. I welcome any effort to do this but I think that it would be best as a plugin to the existing architecture.

Thanks for the feedback,