I have stopped developing and maintaining this project because I now use the awesome Ractive framework. It does almost everything that Lava was intended to do and does so much more efficiently. Message me if anyone is interested in taking ownership of Lava JS.

Lava JS

Lava JS is a javascript framework that makes creating web applications much easier. It allows you clearly separate your logic from the UI by utilizing concepts of MVC architecture and data binding.

Hello World Example

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <input type="text" data-bind="{value: person.first}" />
        <input type="text" data-bind="{value: person.last}" />
        <label data-bind="{value: person.name}"></label>
            var person = Lava.Object({
                first: 'John',
                last: 'Doe',
                name: Lava.Computed(function () {
                    return this.first + ' ' + this.last;


  • Small in size (14 KB minified)
  • Does not have any dependencies
  • Very unobtrusive. You can use Lava in a small part of your application, or to structure the entire application.
  • Rich and intuitive data binding
  • Doesn't get in the developers way
  • Provides structure for your application, if you want it

See the Demos or Documentation to learn how to use Lava.



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